Day: November 13, 2017

AUTOSARCOPHAGY: Kenya’s dangerous dance with the politics of ethnicity.

By Daisy Maritim Maina In 1992 Kenya held its first multi-party election in 26 years. Since this re-introduction of multipartism, the “politics of tribe” has been blamed for the country’s political tribulations. This has led to a system under which leaders channel government resources to their ethnic supporters to ensure their political survival. In turn, […]

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EXPLAINER: A guide to the 2017 general elections in Kenya.

There are eight candidates for the presidency in Kenya’s 2017 election. Of these, two are the main contenders; Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Raila Amolo Odinga. This is a replica of the 2013 polls where the two presidential candidates were the dominant opponents. The running mate configuration has not changed either, with both retaining their previous […]

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